Erin Concren March 22-29

DSC03101Hey everyone! I’ve noticed that you all really love seeing how I decorate my Erin Condren life planner each week. So, considering how proud I was of last weeks I figured I’d show you what I did and the products I used! DSC03104 DSC03105My main inspiration was the comic book themed paper pad I got from Michaels. The bottom and side border were papers I got in that pack. I believe the brand was Recollections; it was originally priced at $19.99 but with a coupon I only paid $12.00! The washi lining the top of the page was from Jo Ann fabrics for only $1 without a coupon. I used gold glitter tape to separate weekdays from the weekend as well as just frame the page. I got this particular tape in a variety pack from Michaels. It came with 16 different colored glitter tapes. It was $15 with a 40% off coupon!! And lastly, the Paper Mate Flair pens as well as the post it notes are from Target. DSC03103I hope you all enjoyed! Thanks as always for reading ☆ signatureeeeee

Springtime Nails

DSC03076Hey guys! So last week I was inspired to some nails for the start of spring! I tried my best to take photos as I went along so I could do a tutorial type post for you all. I apologize for the terrible lighting in advance, it was night time and I unfortunately had no natural light source.


These are the materials I used to create this flower-like nail!

  • L’oreal nail color in 114 Rainy Piccadilly
  • Sally Hansen quick dry top coat
  • Seche Vite top coat
  • Amazon nail art gems

DSC03061First I applied two thin coats of L’oreal Rainy Piccadilly to create a nice, opaque base.

DSC03063Then I used Seche Vite top coat to create a barrier and protect the base color.

DSC03064To start the flower, I put a dot of Seche Vite on the spot where I wanted the gem to go. I then picked a yellow gold nail art gem up with a pair of tweezers and placed it on the small dot of top coat.

DSC03066I then repeated the process by placing dots of top coat around the yellow stone. I created a feel of flower petals by placing teardrop shaped gems all around the yellow stone. You can do as many or as few as you like and in whatever color you have available!

DSC03070On top of everything I applied the Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat to give the nails a shiny, glassy finish.



And here’s the finished product!

I hope you all enjoyed, thanks as always for reading.


Supercharged Eyes

IMG_0031     Hey everyone! Today the weather was the warmest its been in Boston in what seems like an eternity. I chose to do something warm and bright like the mood of the day!

IMG_0009All the products I used are photographed above!


  1. I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden all over my lid & under eye. I then used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over as a base.
  2. I placed Inglots 361 eyeshadow all over my eye. On the outer corner I used a slightly darker peach shadow, Inglot 366 .
  3. In the crease I took a mix of Inglots 382 and 392 shadows and blended them up to my brow. In the innermost part of my crease I applied Sugarpills Poison Plum eyeshadow.
  4. I applied Sugarpills Supercharged Elektrocute Chromalust on the innermost part of my lid as well as under my lower eye. I patted the glitter on top of LA Splash Splash Proof sealer to make it stay in place and prevent fallout.
  5. On my tear duct I used MACs Unbasic White and blended it up into the other shadows.
  6. Under my eyes I blended from the Poison Plum in the outer corner into the peach Inglot shades I applied previously.
  7. For liquid liner I used my Physicians Formula Eye Booster. I also applied my L’oreal Miss Manga mascara to my lashes and my NYX jumbo pencil in Milk to my waterline.

IMG_0022IMG_0019And here’s the final look! I really hope that you all enjoyed.

Thanks as always for reading ☆


Neck Deep… In snow OOTD

IMG_9482_2     Hey guys! So as you may have noticed Wednesdays are my only days that I have the time to take/edit photographs for my blog. Today I really wanted to take some outfit photos but unfortunately living in Boston surrounded by mountains of snow, there aren’t many places to take nice outfit photos.

I had the idea of taking photos surrounded by the snow but unfortunately it is too tall to even walk in; so I found the next best thing. I managed my way out on to my fire escape, created a make-shift tripod and went to town. I really think the photos came out nicely and I hope you guys do too!




Top: 6 Dollar Shirts (sounds sketchy but their stuff is quality I assure you)

Vest: Levi’s (studded myself)

Coat: Marshalls

Hoodie: Gypsy Warrior

Skirt: Thrifted

Thigh Highs: Urban Outfitters

Hat: Neck Deep (got at a show)

Shoes: Topshop (borrowed)

As for makeup; My eyeshadows were from the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette and my lipstick was OCC Vintage Lip Tar lined with black lip liner.


I hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think 🙂


Erin Condren- 2/16-2/22

IMG_8951Evening everyone!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! I got lots of positive feedback from my last Erin Condren decorating post so I figured maybe you’d all enjoy another! This is probably my favorite week I’ve decorated thus far. I think it is simple but still interesting and aesthetically pleasing!

Lets take a closer look!



Almost all the materials used were from Michaels & JoAnn Fabrics


The DCWV paper stack I found for only 3 bucks at JoAnn’s. I love this stack because it is full of gorgeous blue and white metallic/glitter papers.

Behind that is a Minds Eye paper stack I got for only a dollar at Michaels. This is where I found the blue ombre I used at the bottom of this weeks pages.

And finally the Love Letters sticker book was also only $1 from Michaels. All I used from this were the small turquoise heart stickers.


I got my 18 pack of Papermate Flair pens from Target for about $15. I know it sounds expensive but I really wanted to get all the colors at once and for 18 of the best pens I’ve ever used I feel it wasn’t a bad price.

I got the numbered sticky notes at Target dollar spot. I really love these because I’ll usually use my post its for homework assignments for the week and the  numbered lines were helpful.

The candy Stick Marker page flags are from the Ginger eBay store. I believe they were only a dollar and are so cute!

Lastly I used the AC glitter tape to frame the week as well as block off the weekend. I got a large pack of these glitter ribbons at Michaels for around $15 I believe (but I used a coupon of course).

I really hope this was helpful or interesting to you guys!

Thanks as always ☆


Lady Gaga- Sound of Music Makeup

gagaafjewiaof     Hey everyone! As I’m sure all of you have seen, Lady Gaga did an amazing rendition of The Sound of Music during the Academy Awards last Sunday night. As soon as they panned in on her makeup I was obsessed. It was beautiful and simple &  went perfectly with the color of her dress, hair and her sparkling new engagement ring. IMG_8546Here was what I came up with! IMG_8834 I used a collection of MAC, Naked Cosmetics, Sugarpill, the Balm and OCC to create my own version of Gaga’s twinkling Oscar makeup. IMG_8796IMG_8800Eye Shadow

  1. As always I applied my Urban Decay Primer Potion in the shade Eden all over both eyes from lid to brow.
  2.  Of course I forgot to photograph, but next I applied a thin layer of MAC’s Rubenesque paint pot all over my eye lids. It is a soft rose gold shadow base perfect for shimmery neutral looks. mac-rubenesque
  3. For the inner portion of my eyelid I used the Balm’s Stand-Offish shadow from their Nude’tude palette. I then blended MAC’s All That Glitters shadow into the outer portion of my eye lid.
  4. As a blending color for my crease I used my staple MAC Kid eyeshadow and softly faded it from my crease to my brow. In the photo of Gaga the colors were very warm so for my outer corner color I used the Balm’s Sexy eyeshadow which is a deep burgundy color.
  5. I used MAC’s Vanilla eyeshadow to blend all these colors down from my brow bone into a nice gradient. As for the inner corners I used MAC’s Nylon shadow for a nice bright frosty sheen.
  6. Under my eyes I repeated the same process with the darkest colors on the outer corner and lightest colors towards my inner eye.
  7. On top of the lightest shadows I patted a bit of Naked Cosmetics Pink duochrome pigment on with my finger for the sparkling opal sheen her makeup had.

IMG_8803Glitter Liner

  1. For the base of this silver I used a mixing medium to apply Sugarpill’s Tiara chromalust pigment in a thick wing.
  2. I then used my LAsplash splashproof sealer to apply a combination of the loose Tiara pigment as well as Naked Cosmetics silver reflects glitter all over the previously applied liner.

IMG_8806Eye Liner/Mascara

  1. On top of the silver wing I used my Physicians Formula Eye Booster pen to apply a thin black wing along the lash line.
  2. For mascara I applied Urban Decay’s Perversion.
  3. Finally, I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in the shade Milk to brighten my waterline.


  1. First I moisturized using my EOS strawberry lip balm.
  2. I filled my lips with NYX’s Pale Pink lip liner.
  3. For lipstick I mixed OCC’s lip tars in Interlace, Zhora and Vintage to create a nice mauve lip.

And here’s the final look! IMG_8824IMG_8825 IMG_8814 I hope you all enjoyed! Let me know what you guys thought of her performance as well as your opinion on her recent casting to the next season of American Horror Story! Thank you as always for reading ♥︎ signatureeeeee

Academy Awards Aspirations

2015 Academy Awards
Hey everyone!
     Being the movie buff that I am, I was extremely excited for the Oscars last night.
My friends and I made a little get together out of it. We ordered food, watched the
red carpet and anxiously awaited for the largest awards to be given.
     I’m sure that I’m not the only one who ponders what it would be like to attend
an event as high scale as the Oscars. I’ve always look at the dresses, hair and makeup
on the red carpet and piece together items I would personally wear if I were of celebrity
    So, I took some time to search through the depths of Polyvore for my perfect
Oscar gown, makeup and accessories.
     With my fair skin/light hair I have always been a fan of wearing black. I love
a high contrasting look that is bold enough to balance out my naturally soft
appearance. I had fun pairing simplicity with edginess and imagining what
celebrity me would look like.
Some of my personal favorite looks of the night were,
Rosamund Pike
Emma Stone
Scarlett-Johansson-Oscars-Red-Carpet-Interview-2015-VideoScarlett Johansson
chloe-grace-moretz-oscars-2015-worst-dressedChloë Grace Moretz
Let me know what your favorite looks were as well as what movies
you enjoyed this year!!
Thanks as always for reading

Acid Wash OOTD

Hey everyone! I was very happy with my outfit today and figured I’d share.

I have recently been trying to wear more bold things rather than black on black on black. Today I found an amazing pair of jeans that I forgot I had and felt edgy while remaining classic and simple.

IMG_8422_2 IMG_8424_2

Top: Kirra (found at PacSun)

Camisol: American Eagle Outfitters

Pants: American Eagle Outfitters

Boots: Dr Martens Shower Rain Boots (black)

My boots were not shown in the photos so I found a photo as well as a link to where they can be bought! I love these boots for the snow/rain. They are durable and do not look like your typical rain boot.

drmartens-shower-1Dr Martens, found at

Unfortunately I got these jeans years ago and AEO no longer sells them so I found some alternative options

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.24.01 PMJoes Jeans, Bloomingdales

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.35.18 PM

Joes Jeans, found at PinkPrincess


Let me know if you guys liked this post/want to see more! Thanks for all your support as always.


Frosty Blue Makeup

IMG_8327Hey guys!

I’ve been trying as hard as I can to find the time to do more makeup looks for the blog and I apologize for my lack of activity.

Today I was inspired by the frosty weather to do this sparkling blue look!

IMG_8430 IMG_8428Eyes

  1. First I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion in the shade Eden all over my eyelid up to the brow bone. Then I applied a light layer of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to give my shadows a bright base to stick to.
  2. Then I took MACs Kid eyeshadow and created a base for all the blending in my crease. I then took a mixture of ur02Urban Decays Sabbath (black palette) and MAC Plumage and blended them into the crease.
  3. In the deepest part of the crease as well as the inner/outer corners I applied Inglots eyeshadow in 483.
  4. On the inner and outer thirds of my eyelid I used Urban Decays Fringe (electric palette). I then placed Alice aka Painkiller (alice in wonderland palette) on the center of the eyelid.
  5. I wanted the center of my eyeball to pop so I took a mixing medium and Urban Decays White Rabbit aka Polyester Bride book-of-shadows_1597268a(alice in wonderland palette) and placed it on top of the lighter blue color. Side note this shadow, along with many other of Urban Decays older shadows, are very glittery and people dislike it but personally I feel like with enough effort you can work the shadow to apply nicely and avoid fallout.
  6. Under my eyes I did the exact same process minus the White Rabbit shadow. Instead I applied a large amount of Naked Cosmetics Winter Crystal glitter on the center part of my lower lid. I always use LA Splash Splash Proof Eyeshadow Sealer as my glitter base.
  7. On my tear duct I also applied Urban Decays White Rabbit (alice in wonderland palette) wet and blended it up into the front part of my crease.
  8. I used Urban Decays Zero 24-7 Eye Pencil on my waterline and tightline. For liquid liner I applied a small amount of the Physicians Formula Eye Booster to my lash line.
  9. For lashes I applied Urban Decays Perversion mascara to my top and bottom lashes.


  1. I used MACs The Fairy Glen lipstick all over.
  2. I then applied a small amount of OCCs Iced liptar as a pop on the center.


  1. I used a mix of Revlon Shine Control foundation and MACs Strobe Liquid. I’m not sure I’m a fan of this, I might go back to my CoverGirl Staple.
  2. CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous concealer and Makeup Forever’s White flash color to my under eyes.
  3. Hard Candy Glamouflage concealer to cover blemishes.
  4. Translucent Coty powder is my favorite setting powder. It is thin, smooth and cheap without drying.
  5. Benefit Hoola Boxed Powder to contour.
  6. Benefit Dandelion Boxed Powder for Blush.
  7. MACs Vanilla pigment to highlight.

And here’s the final look!

IMG_8427 IMG_8416

Personally I’m extremely happy with the way this look turned out and I hope you all will try it out!

Thanks as usual for reading you all are amazing for your support!


Erin Condren Decorating

IMG_8029Hey guys!!

I recently got my first high end planner and have developed an obsession for decorating! I thought that I would share this weeks design with you and if you enjoy it I can post my weekly decorations and the products that I used.

First of all, I love this planner and feel it is entirely worth the money. I paid about $50 for mine and another $10 for a customized Halloween cover. Other than the planner itself, I have not really spent that much money buying supplies for decorating.


Supplies used

  • Betsey Johnson glitter clip (Michaels)
  • Papermate Flair pens (Target)
  • Valentine’s paper stack (Target)
  • Burgundy glitter tape (Michaels)
  • Valentine’s stickers (Target dollar spot)


  • Post it notes (Target dollar spot)

Personally I love the way that this turned out. I truly enjoy the way that the glitter tape adds dimension and the colors contrast nicely.

Let me know what you guys think and if you’d like to see more!

Thanks as always ☆